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So, one thing I do is I sew… I’m a bit of a sewing addict… It’s not a very fashionable hobby for a 24 year old, but I’ve made some fabulous stuff in the past (even if I do say so myself). Clearly, being pregnant has presented me with certain… challenges…

Anyhow I recently finished this stretch jersey dress, with tent sleeves and ruffle collar. I’ve blogged about it over at my personal blog if you’re interested in the sewing nitty gritty, or want to see more pictures.

It’ SO COMFY especially in the recent hot weather, this dress has really saved my life at work, I’m beginning to see the downside to having a July baby!

I had my 25 week checkup last week, and the midwife found sugar in my urine.. that was really scary! up til now I’ve had a pretty straightforward, uncomplicated pregnancy, The midwife said that it was probably because I’d had frosties for breakfast.

Apparently pregnancy hormones work against insulin, and so do ‘waking up in the morning’ hormones. This means that a pregnant woman who has no problem with her blood sugar most of the time might find that her body can’t properly regulate it’s blood sugar in the morning. She recommended that I watch my sugar intake, especially int he morning, and we’ll check again at my 28 week checkup to see if the sugar is still present in my urine. If it is that could mean that I’ve got gestational diabetes, which means I’d have to go to hospital to have more tests 😦 I really hope it sorts itself out, I don’t want to have diabetes!… but I feel fine, I have quite a good diet anyhow, rice, vegetables, brown bread, brown pasta, all the right stuff. Ironically I’d only started eating frosties (or indeed, breakfast) when I got into my second trimester to help me stop snacking on rubbish in the morning.

Sometimes you just can’t win huh? nevermind, I’m feeling positive. Squiggle is dancing around as I type. I even managed to take a video of his/her kicks the other night. Check it out (see post below)