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WEEK 28 people!! whoo!!

haha! So I made that dress out of 2 T-Shirts and some scrap red fabric I had around the place, (more info on that coming soon to my home blog) but unfortunately not everything about being 28 weeks is as fabulous as that picture….

I had my 28 week midwife appointment and for the second time my urine has glucose in it… so… I’ve got a hospital appointment to have a test for gestational diabetes… not great huh? what’s a little frustrating is that the appointment isn’t for 2 weeks so I’m a bit confused as to what I’m supposed to do in the meantime… I don’t feel ill… guess that I should cut down in sugar in my diet but, honestly, I don’t eat much sugar anyway (Easter presents don’t count, we’ve STILL got chocolate left over from Christmas for God’s sake!). I’ve considered buying some glucose testing strips from the chemists, but then what? I mean, I’d just be working through this on a trial and error basis and I don’t want to put myself in the position where in trying to ‘do it right’ I end up having really low blood sugar and passing out at work (I’m a secondary school teacher, it would be bad)

So I’ve kind of resigned myself to just trying to eat sensibly and wait it out to my appointment… being crazy over monitoring how much sugar is in my wee might ACTUALLY send me insane, and no one wants that 🙂 least of all my (poor) husband.