More Iron On Transfer Onesies [Sunday Squee]

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an entry to Geekcrafts about how awesome you can make a baby onesie with the help of some inkjet iron-on transfer Paper.

See Exhibit A – Rossie’s Dalek Onesie on Craftster

But wait! there’s MORE!! see exhibits B and C that I got from Ralph in the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino craft swap

Awesome right? geek baby is geek 🙂


Project Maternity – on the Mother Blog

I’ve set myself a challenge: to make my own mini maternity wardrobe to see me fashionably through this ‘bumpy’ period… can’t get away with maternity jeans at work, need to think (and act) quickly!

My bump  is only just emerging and I have some long tops which will do fine for now… but those things only go so far…


so check out the Momma Blog for my initial thoughts and ideas…

Zelda Baby Sleep Sack [Thing-That-I-Want-Thursday]

So… there are 2 things that I’ve seen on Craftster that I think could be combined to make something fabulous.

Rogneta‘s Baby Sleeping Sack


Rousseline’s Link hat and mittens (she’s included the pattern for the little Links in the Craftster post.

Although maybe I’m being naieve … it seems like it may be quite hard to insert a baby into that sleeping sack… probably a Link banket would just be better *hint*

Princess Leia Baby Hat [Sunday Squee]

via SewCan Do

I… must…. make… *argh* …. oh wow!! She’s selling them on her Etsy! and also selling the pattern!

but alas…. ‘selling’ is not ‘giving away for free’… I’m sure I could figure this out… srsly…

Knit DNA Toy [Thing-that-I-want Thursday]

[Via Craftster boards]

oh… my… life….

I can almost feel Squig doing somersaults in my tummy just looking at this! imagine how CUTE that would look, I bet babies would LOVE this too because of its grab-ability.

Kimberly Chapman has shared the knitting tutorial for this awesome toy on the website.

I’ve added it to my Craftster ‘wanted’ list for personal swaps 🙂

Matteo Watch… [sunday squee]

I’m watching with great interest … because of this:

Matteo’s father made him this fantastic scale model TARDIS out of corrugated cardboard. My squiggle COMPLETELY needs this, Matteo’s mam reassures us that the plans WILL be published on the internet and I’m waiting …. I’m waiting… GIVEMETHEGODDAMPLANSINTERNET!!!!

it’s ok Matteo’s dad…. you’ve got a while yet… until July… make it so!

teensy vader

via jezebel